"I am such a satisfied lady with an old family ring that Scott retooled for me this month.It is an old channel setting in white gold with sapphires and diamonds. I wanted it just right for my left pinky finger to sit next to another filigree sapphire and diamond ring I serendipitously purchased at this wonderful shop recently. Visiting from Charlotte where one can scout any merchandise- well, I "found" hisgem of a shop and the rest is a star five. His jewelry and integrity about what he sells are one in the same. If you chance to go there, you are the lucky one!!!! Celebrate with a glass of wine at Elijah's across the street!"

"A. Scott Rhodes Jeweler did an awesome job with our custom ring for my girlfriends engagement ring through his in-store selection. We just happen to stop in his store, while on vacation, after a long process of ring shopping throughout the upcoming months. I knew this was the ring for my girlfriend, when her eyes lit up at the ring we found. We were also able to pick the diamond out that we wanted and had the custom ring sent to me when Scott was finished with it. His store is worth the distance in travel for the ring she is going to wear for the rest of her life. Thanks Scott."

"Scott designed and created the most beautiful custom ring I have ever seen and now have the honor of wearing. The amount of detail and planning into this piece of "art" is incredible. You will never find a better jeweler."

"We worked with Scott for several months on a custom yellow canary diamond ring-the most beautiful ring-a true work of art. Fantastic experience. Mr Rhodes is passionate about his profession and it shows!"

"Couldn't have had a better experience with a jeweler. Scott's honesty, product knowledge, and personality went far beyond all my expectations. If you are looking for that something special and the one on one attention when purchasing jewelry, than Scott Rhodes is definitely the man to do business with."

"What a great experience! After 40 years of marriage, I brought my engagement ring to Scott to have it reset. He discovered I had a pink diamond. His integrity, honesty, and thoughtfulness can't be beat. And my ring is magnificent!"

"Scott is the man. When I was thinking about proposing to my wife I went to many jewelers around Wilmington and nobody really struck me as someone who was interested in me. When I walked into Scott's place down on the river, he immediately made me feel like I was family. No pressure, no tricks, just straight talk. I knew I wanted something special for my future wife, and Scott sat me down to talk about things... just one on one. He didn t have a huge display of engagement rings that I could just pick like anyone else. We sat at a computer to start designing the ring I wanted. We picked a center stone cut I wanted (cushion) and then talked about the band, accent stones, etc. It just made me feel like I was putting my money in the right place. Although I didn t have the entire payment up front, he worked with me to suit my finances. If it wasn t for Scott, I would still be paying some high interest loan. Scott made a custom engagement ring exactly how I wanted it. The cut was perfect, the diamond was flawless, and it was reasonably priced.

If it means anything to the reader, I actually invited Scott and his wife to my wedding because of how much time we spent together designing the ring and just shooting the talk. Scott is not just a jewler, but a true friend. Thanks Scott for always being a part of our big day."

"I have been working with Scott Rhodes since 2005 when I had a custom engagement ring designed and made for my wife. We have revisited Scott and had several items designed since, including a custom wedding band for my wife that she got to help design with Scott. I refer all of my friends to Scott because of his excellent service and personal touch to jewelry shopping. Scott is in a league of his own. If you are looking for great customer service, superior quality custom jewelry, then Scott is your man. Because our family moved from Wilmington to Raleigh, I have visited several jewelry stores in the Triangle. I recently searched for a pair of Diamond and Emerald Earrings for my wife for the birth of our son. I tried to find and purchase them locally at CMI. I got fed up with the sales tactics and pressure. I felt like I was buying a used car, not custom jewelry. I called Scott frantically, and explained what I was looking for. That afternoon Scott emailed me pictures of several options. I quickly remembered how much better quality Scott s jewelry is when I saw the pictures of his suggestions. I called Scott, paid him over the phone and he had the earrings delivered to me the next day. What I purchased through Scott was far superior in quality and less expensive than the earrings I was considering from CMI. One week later, my wife gave birth to our son and was able to wear her earrings home from the hospital with our little boy, ON MOTHERS DAY!! I forgot how easy it is to deal with Scott and how his jewelry is far superior to anything you can buy in any other jewelry store. It s hard to believe, but it s acually easier to do business with Scott 3 hours away than it is to deal with the used car salesmen in the jewelry stores around here. Now, my wife and I simply go window shopping at other stores and take a picture of something we like and email it to Scott. Then we have Scott custom make it for us with better quality. Thank you so much Scott for all your help, your years of continued service and dedication to excellence. I'm sure we will be in touch again soon!"

"Scott custom designed my wedding band to match my engagement ring perfectly. He does what he says he will do and has a cool program that will let you see a preview of your designs before you have it made. Would recommend over the chain retailers he does a better job at a lower price!"

"What a great, quaint little jewelry store. Nestled in an ideal setting across from the cape fear river in chandlers warf. Scott (the owner) was very friendly and he had some of the most unusual and beautiful jewelry I have seen in a long time. I will definatley be back to experience this wonderful shopping experience."

"While looking for my fiance's engagement ring I understandably was overwhelmed with options and catalogues. After spending numerous hours driving around, speaking to jewelers, thumbing through pages upon pages, and searching online, I knew that I had to visit Scott Rhodes. For years I had been viewing the collection of fine jewelry, and although I was only a window shopper up until this point, the moment I walked in Scott greeted me openly as he always had. I plead my case and explained to Scott what I had in mind for my beautiful girlfriend. Within just a few minutes I was presented a brilliantly unique ring at a fantastic price. Just as all good things must wait, I too needed the time in order to ensure that I was making a good choice, Scott was understanding and did not pressure me in any way to make the sale. When my was made up and I had decided that what Scott had shown to me was the perfect symbol of my love I once again contacted Scott and he was generous enough to hold onto the ring in his safe while I coordinated the funds. The purchase of my lifetime could not have been made more seamless on behalf of A. Scott Rhodes. As our wedding date approaches we have decided to use Scott once again as the designer and fabricator of our wedding bands. Trust is not easily earned in this world, but without a doubt Scott is someone that knows what he is doing and absolutely treats his customers as family. I would recommend that any person looking for something unique to their taste should visit A. Scott Rhodes."

"Scott custom made both my engagement ring and our wedding rings. They are absolutely beautiful and well crafted. I trusted he would put together quality jewelry and he did. He also did it in a timely fashion."

"As a bride who NEVER orders anything off the menu, it was clear early on that a custom engagement ring was for me. Several years prior to engagement ring talk, Scott re-worked several pieces of grandmother jewelry into items that I would actually wear. My fiance, all throughout our dating, kept saying I love this ring, I can't believe you designed it. Saying I designed it may be a stretch. I had some ideas, some pictures of things I liked, and a budget. Scott had the talent and patience to turn my mish mash of ideas into beauty. I walked in with a ring and a pair of earrings and walked out with a new ring and 2 pairs of earrings. The process was really quite fun to take magazine pictures (of jewelry I'd never afford in this lifetime), pencil drawings, and computer images and have it turn into reality. As engagement talks started, it was an obvious choice to visit Scott again--who cares that he's 4 hours from where I live. There is no one I'd trust more with this special part of my life. Again armed with ideas, photos and a budget we went to pick Scott's brain. Convinced I wanted an oval center stone, Scott took the time to educate us on a few pros and cons with ovals. Scott was delicate enough to share all the key points on diamonds without ever making us feel like anything we thought was not right. Ultimately we did switch to a cushion cut diamond and it's AMAZING. The engagement ring is very unique and a handful of elements from various different on the shelf rings. It makes it even that much more exciting to know that no one else will have a ring just like mine. Patiently (or impatiently) I am waiting to see the wedding band, which Scott also did that matches my ring. Scott worked with my fiance to make sure that some elements of the ring experience still did remain a secret--it added to the fun. Several days I find that I'm a walking billboard for Scott Rhodes when I've got my engagement ring and my reworked grandma rings and earrings on. Couldn't be more proud, or feel more glamourous on those days."

"Scott Rhodes, of A. Scott Rhodes Jeweler, is SUCH A PLEASURE to work with! He can help you with any jewelry need, from finding a special gift to a simple repair, to designing a special custom piece from scratch! He is so talented and a joy to talk to. I recommend him to all my friends. If you need a jeweler you can TRUST, he's your guy! He will be my jeweler as long as I live in Wilmington, NC!"

"My fiance and I are both designers and not local to Wilmington so deciding who to work with on our engagement ring design was a big decision. We wanted to be very involved with the design process and Scott Rhodes came highly recommended. After meeting with him and discussing our vision for our engagement ring we felt like we had found the right person for the job. Scott worked with us every step of the way as we designed our dream ring. We went through several stages of collaboration and adjustments that ultimately produced the most beautiful piece of artwork that I will forever wear on my hand. The process of designing your own ring can be nerve-wrecking at times, but Scott is wonderful to work with and provides the type of personalized service that one may not find at larger jewelry chains. I would definitely recommend Scott Rhodes to friends!"

"I decided to have Scott Rhodes design an engagement ring after having friends tell me he was the best in town, I was not disappointed. Scott built a beautiful, truly custom ring from design ideas he and I collaborated on. Scott was very personable and easy to deal with, even after several design changes Scott kept a great positive attitude and was just excited and passionate about the ring as I was. He was able to use stones from my grandmother's engagement ring along with new stones to make an absolutely beautiful ring. Scott was also able to digitally design the ring before it was built so I knew exactly what I was getting. I HIGHLY recommend using Scott Rhodes and I know my now fiancée does also."

"Excellent selections and very helpful suggestions and service."

"Scott designed and created a custom engagement ring for me. The ring itself is timeless and gets compliments everywhere we go! His customer service is EXCELLENT. Scott is an expert jeweler and a real genuine, honest guy. He always returned my phone calls as soon as possible and went the extra mile to make sure that we loved the ring."

"Couldn't have had a better experience with a jeweler. Scott's honesty, product knowledge, and personality went far beyond all my expectations. If you are looking for that something special and the one on one attention when purchasing jewelry, than Scott Rhodes is definitely the man to do business with."

"My rings are spectacular. I am extremely pleased."