Gemvision Digital Goldsmith Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of our business is custom work, and certainly the most fun! In years past, we would use sketches, which worked okay, but left room for error. All of this has changed with the advent of jewelry design software. We utilize Gemvision Digital Goldsmith software, where your ideas become virtual reality. You are able to see it before it is made! This powerful design tool, in conjunction with our camera systems, make a picture worth a thousand words. Everything is to scale, so by production time there is no miscommunication or error.

Everyone has outdated, old, or worn out jewelry they no longer wear. We can take these pieces and transform them into a beautiful new piece of fine jewelry. We encourage you to review our library of ideas and we will fashion them into an original of your own design…. a one of a kind, fashionable, new piece of fine jewelry just for you!

Depending on the job specifics, we use different sources of production. We have talented goldsmiths on staff and for the more complicated pieces we use specialized craftsmen who have proven themselves over the years to offer superior work. We are meticulous when it comes to meeting your expectations. Be assured that when it leaves our store, it is fine jewelry that you can take as much pride in as we do.

We maintain a portfolio of our designs and finished work, and we encourage you to view it upon your next visit. We are known for and are proud of our custom work, and many folks come in specifically for this service. We are excited to make your job next in our portfolio!